Dems Concede Rahall And Wager Races


Politico reported today that internal Democrat polling shows that Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) “now trails his Republican opponent significantly” and that many Democrat operatives “no longer think it’s possible” for Michael Wager (D-OH) to win:

They’ve been conducting polling much earlier in the election year than they initially anticipated.

Democrats privy to the survey data say West Virginia Rep. Nick Rahall, a 19-term incumbent who’s been pummeled by the Koch ads, now trails his Republican opponent significantly. Two other Koch targets, Arizona Reps. Ann Kirkpatrick and Ron Barber, have seen their poll numbers drop but are in better shape than Rahall.

Many Democratic operatives, for instance, no longer think it’s possible to unseat freshman Rep. David Joyce, a Republican who occupies a swing district in northeast Ohio. After starting the 2014 election with around three dozen pickup opportunities, some strategists believe that figure is down to between 20 and 24.