Will Ann Callis Renew Her Lease?

Ann Callis, the former Chief Judge of the “Judicial Hellhole” in Madison County, has made it clear that she isn’t planning a permanent move into Illinois’ 13th Congressional District. First she admits she isn’t even attempting to buy a house in the district:

Turns out that’s right. But when I reviewed the recorded conversation I had with Callis back in May, I found that she said “I’m getting a house” in Edwardsville. She didn’t use the word “buy,” and also said later in the conversation that her word is good and she wouldn’t claim to be “renting a house in Edwardsville” while living in Troy.

She had talked about renting all along.

The real question is, will Callis be renewing the lease on her house in June. That’s right, Callis is leasing her house in the district and the lease expires in three months. Needless to say, this expiration comes far ahead of the November election…