The Ties That Bind: Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin

Today, Hillary Clinton speaks before the American Jewish Congress. According to The Jewish Week, The American Jewish Congress has a “proud history and a murky recent past”:

“It’s embarrassing,” said one former adviser of Clinton’s in the Jewish community. “It’s further evidence that she is living in the late 1990s. Doesn’t she realize she’ll be addressing an irrelevant organization?”

The event comes at an intriguing juncture for both host and honoree as the AJCongress struggles to regain its stature after ceasing operations and laying off most of its staff in 2010. A restructured group emerged last year, run by its longtime president, Jack Rosen, a successful businessman who was a fundraiser for Clinton’s husband, Bill, and other Democrats, including Barack Obama. He also raised funds for President George W. Bush.

AJCongress, founded in 1918 to provide a unified voice for American Jews, has a proud history and a murky recent past. When Rosen took over last year he set it up so that it seemingly consists of himself, his two sons and 16 associates and friends. The new AJCongress dispensed with regional chapters and is no longer a membership organization, though its website lists National Membership at $1,000.

The article continues:

There is speculation that Huma Abedin, a close associate of Clinton and wife of former Congressman Anthony Weiner, was asked by Rosen to make the request of Clinton to speak at the AJCongress event.

Why would Huma ask Hillary to speak before an “irrelevant” organization? In 2012, The New York Post reported Abedin and husband Anthony Weiner moved into a “sprawling, 12th-floor Park Avenue trophy residence” owned by none than Rosen Partners LLC, a firm “headed by close Clinton pal Jack Rosen.”

Some Weiner-watchers are stunned that the pol, who gave up his $174,000 salary when he resigned, and Huma, who makes around $155,000 annually, can afford the posh pad at 254 Park Ave. South at East 20th Street.

“Everyone assumes they live there for free, thanks to a donor, a friend of Bill and Hillary, or even just someone with an empty place who is connected,” the source said.

Abedin is a longtime Clinton aide who received special government employee status that allowed her to work
at the Department of State while simultaneously working as a consultant for private clients.

As Clinton is honored “by a virtual phantom of the original AJCongress” today, it takes no stretch of the imagination to wonder how Abedin, Weiner, Rosen and many other scandal-plagued Clinton allies are gearing up for 2016.