Shaheen Dodges On Obama And ObamaCare

President Obama has called Jeanne Shaheen a “ terrific senator.” But when asked if she wanted Obama to campaign with her in New Hampshire, Shaheen tried to avoid giving a definitive answer.

SHAHEEN: “Listen, this… We’ve got a long time before we start getting into the heat of this campaign. I’m going to continue to do my job here in New Hampshire.”

REPORTER: “Would you like him to come here though?”

SHAHEEN: “I think… We don’t know whether he’ll come here or not.”

It was a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. Shaheen’s dodging is all the evidence we need: she does not want Obama to campaign with her this fall. This should not be a surprise, since 52 percent of New Hampshire voters disapprove of Obama’s job performance while only 40 percent approve. Of course, Obama’s unpopularity did not stop her from voting with him 99 percent of the time in 2013.

Shaheen kept on with her dodging when she was asked about her role in passing the president’s unpopular health care law, ObamaCare.

REPORTER: “Well, the reason that might become a problem for you, some say, the Republicans say, is because ObamaCare is unpopular up here. And they say, if it weren’t for you there would be no ObamaCare. To which you say?”

SHAHEEN: “Well, the Affordable Care Act was passed by 60 votes, so according to the Republicans everyone is responsible for passing it. But I was just at a community health center this morning where I heard stories of people who have been able to get health care because of the Affordable Care Act.”

That doesn’t sound like the answer of someone who has “no regrets” about her vote for ObamaCare.