Robertson Hacking Claim Still Unproven

The questions for Robertson’s campaign keep piling up. Last week the Tompkins County Republican Chairman James Drader filed a complaint with the state Board of Elections about Robertson’s September 30 fundraising email in which she makes the accusation that GOP operatives tried to shutdown her website.

Robertson previously said she would hire a cyber security firm to investigate, but her year-end FEC filing showed no evidence of hiring such a firm. Her campaign manager confirmed they never hired a firm and have no plans to do.

After receiving the complaint, The Buffalo News asked Robertson’s campaign to release the database cache from September 30 that would show if there had been any problems with her website. Robertson refused to release the data, and then her campaign manager refused to go on the record when asked if there was any proof that Republicans operatives were involved with Robertson’s website problems. Robertson’s strategy is apparently to avoid media questions and forget the incident ever happened, while keeping the $31,620 in personal contributions she received the day of her email.