You Have to Read This Savage Home State Editorial About “Entitled” Mark Pryor

Yesterday, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s editorial board wrote that Mark Pryor’s (D-AR) comments attacking Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) military service as a “sense of entitlement” to run for the Senate crossed the line. As a result, the editorial board declared that Pryor’s comments “has made the choice in this race more than clear.”

And yet Mark Pryor, son of a popular senator, which may be his chief distinction in state politics, accuses his opponent of a “sense of entitlement.” Has anyone who has ever spoken to Tom Cotton about his politics, or his career civil or military, legal or academic, ever come away with the impression that he has a “sense of entitlement”? Any fair-minded person, that is, as opposed to a political operative for the other political party. Please. This is Tom Cotton of Yell County, Ark., we’re talking about-Mattie Ross country.

This much can surely be said for Mark Pryor. He has made the choice in this race more than clear. In this one statement of his, he’s made it undeniable. Try as he might to deny it for the rest of this campaign.