Rahall Liked Koch Money Before He Voted For ObamaCare

Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC is attempting to bail-out Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) with a new television ad criticizing “New York billionaires” for holding Rahall accountable for his support for ObamaCare.

What House Majority PAC forgot to mention was that Rahall accepted $1,000 from Koch Industries in 2008.

Yes, it seems Rahall and his Washington Democrat allies were just fine with Koch Industries before Rahall decided to vote for ObamaCare and was then held accountable for his record.

Democrats are in full panic mode since a new poll showed Rahall running 14 points behind his Republican opponent, so it appears they were too distracted to remember other key details about Rahall’s record — like his devastating vote for a carbon tax and a coal miner pension tax.

Rahall’s one-two punch against coal jobs and coal miners, together with his finishing move of voting for ObamaCare, are disastrous for West Virginia.