Majority Of Americans Believe Hillary Clinton Is A Liar

Hillary Clinton Bored

According to a new Bloomberg poll, 51% of Americans believe Hillary Clinton is lying about her role in Benghazi.

The Washington Post reports:

But a new Bloomberg poll suggests Hillary Clinton has her own credibility issue — when it comes to Benghazi. More specifically, 51 percent of voters say they don’t believe Clinton when she says that she never saw requests for additional security before the attacks on the U.S. mission in that city in Libya in 2012.

Before the attack in Benghazi, Ambassador Stevens and others on the ground sent multiple requests for additional security in Libya, but the State Department refused the requests. According to testimony by the State Department’s Regional Security Officer in Libya, Eric Nordstrom, Hillary “absolutely” would have been made aware of his request for more security. Ultimately, the attack resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.