Hey Bruce Braley, “Bailing” Is For Trial Lawyers

Today, The Des Moines Register reported that in Bruce Braley’s press statement after his closed-door attacks on Iowa farmers, he misspelled commonly used farm terms “detasseling” and “baling.” Typos happen, right? Well for Braley…not so much.

On Braley’s campaign website, under the 99 reasons why he should be elected to the Senate,
Braley misspelled “baled” and “detasseled.”

Braley 99 Reasons

Also on Braley’s campaign website, under “Farmers For Braley,” Braley once again misspelled “baling” and “detasseling.”

Braley Farmers For Iowa

And the Washington Examiner points out that, ironically, on Twitter Bruce Braley attacked voters for spelling things wrong. Maybe they didn’t have the advanced degree or law school experience he is so obsessed with.

Braley Spelling

Braley needs to remember: “bailing” is for trial lawyers, “baling” is for farmers.