Editorial Boards Plow Bruce Braley

Iowa State Daily (Braley’s alma mater student paper): “Iowans don’t need to hear that Braley has ‘tremendous respect for Iowa farmers’ after he has degraded them to a room full of donors. They need someone that will show that respect through their actions everyday and everywhere…Iowans deserve a representative that is prepared to understand and work tirelessly to promote the values and needs of his or her constituents. Not for donors in another state.”

Sioux City Journal: “Braley’s got some more explaining to do.”

Sioux City Journal Braley
Quad City Times
: “Braley wasn’t running against any farmers in his pursuit of retiring Sen. Tom Harkin’s seat. But he is now.”

Dubuque Telegraph Herald: “Braley said WHAT about Grassley?”

Omaha World-Herald: “Americans all know how productive Congress has been lately. A few more farmers might help.”