Two Fact Checkers Rate Mark Pryor’s Mediscare Ads As False


Today, PolitiFact released a new fact check on Mark Pryor’s (D-AR) attack ads on Medicare. The verdict? “Mostly False.”

But it’s misleading to suggest that the plan would definitely increase expenses for every senior.The research isn’t conclusive, and we can’t predict the future. But even the voucher proposals go out of their way to leave current Medicare beneficiaries alone. It’s not at all clear that every senior in Arkansas would see increases in out-of-pocket expenses, including people like Courtney’s grandparents. So we rate the claim Mostly False.

That’s right, Pryor’s Mediscare ads attacking Tom Cotton (R-AR) are “mostly false.” But this isn’t news. Just last week claimed Pryor’s attack ads were straight out of the playbook that “Democrats have been attacking, misleadingly, for years.”

Mark Pryor can’t run on anything but trying to scare Arkansans with ads that have been discredited by fact checkers as false.