Top Three Things To Know About Ann Callis (D-IL)

Ann Callis, former Chief Judge of Illinois’ 3rd Circuit Court, is running for Congress in Illinois’ 13th Congressional District.

1. Callis Is A Resident Of Illinois And Doesn’t Pay Her Taxes On Time

Owning property in four different states makes remembering what state she lives in difficult for Ann Callis. On mortgage and property forms, she has listed herself as a Missouri resident. She also has problems paying her property taxes on time. According to property records, Callis had to pay $679 in late penalties for her Troy, Illinois, home. Callis has also been delinquent on property taxes for two different Arizona properties, accruing thousands in penalty fees.

2. Under Callis’ Leadership, Madison County Has Thrice Been Named A “Judicial Hellhole”

Callis, who was Chief Judge of Illinois’ 3rd Circuit Court that includes Madison County, led a court that was named a “Judicial Hellhole” in 20112012, and 2013 because laws were applied in an unfair and unbalanced manner. A local newspaper went as far as saying that Callis’ resignation to run for Congress would allow the County to achieve some needed reforms.

3. Callis’ Appointment To The Court Came From Some Good Friends Of Her Father

Despite Callis having only 4 years of legal experience, she was appointed to be an Associate Judge for the 3rd Circuit Court in December 1994. Multiple reports highlight that her father, prominent local attorney and Democrat Lance Callis, lobbied the judges to appoint her to the bench. Callis was later recommended to be a Circuit Court judge, a promotion from Associate Judge, by a Supreme Court judge who had received $100,000 in campaign donations from her father.


Updated 9/23/14