Top Four Things To Know About Raul Ruiz (D-CA)

Rep. Raul Ruiz is a Democrat running for re-election in California’s 36th Congressional District.

1. As A Medical Student At Harvard, Ruiz Was Arrested While Protesting Thanksgiving

As a Harvard Medical School student, Ruiz participated in the Thanksgiving Day protest at Plymouth, MA over a period of six years, telling The Harvard Crimson celebrating the holiday is disrespectful to American minorities.During the 1997 protest Ruiz, was arrested and pled not guilty to “two misdemeanor offenses of disorderly conduct and tumultuous behavior.” In another protest, he spoke in solidarity with Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal, both convicted of killing law enforcement authorities.

2. None Of The Bills Ruiz Has Sponsored Have Been Signed Into Law

True to his word of not measuring his success on legislation that passes, Ruiz has no legislative accomplishments of his own to show for in his two years of congress. In his first term Ruiz has sponsored 16 bills, none of which have passed in the House of Representatives.

3. Until The Bipartisan Budget Act, Ruiz Hadn’t Voted For A Single Budget

When six budget amendments were offered and voted on in March 2013, Ruiz didn’t support a single one, earning him a new spot in the “Party of No.” When asked why he hadn’t offered his own budget solution, Ruiz turned his back on the questioner as a staffer ended the interview saying “I think we’re good.” In April 2014, Ruiz again voted against all six-budget proposals.

4. Ruiz Wants To “Maximize The Implementation” Of ObamaCare

Early in his 2012 campaign, Ruiz spoke out in favor of “maximizing the implementation” of ObamaCare. Then, right before the rollout and glitches, he said it was “already working.” Once in Congress he voted against repealing the law.