Top Four Things To Know About Martha Robertson (D-NY)

Martha Robertson, a county legislator, is running for Congress in New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

1. Robertson’s Favorite Fuel Is Conservation

Robertson is a vocal opponent of fracking and natural gas and said it was “not her favorite fuel.” When asked about her favorite fuel she responded with “ conservation.” The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation said fracking could create up to 80,510 direct and indirect jobs in New York.

2. Robertson Supports ObamaCare But Really Wants A Single Payer System

According to Robertson she supports “fixing the Affordable Care Act” and doesn’t want it replaced with a single-payer plan. However, a video shows Robertson saying a public option is necessary to keep cost down and that “we’ll get to single payer soon.” Now that she is running for office she is attempting to walk back some of her more explosive views.

3. Robertson Lied About Republicans Trying To Shutdown Her Website

In an attempt to get a boost in last minute fundraising before a deadline, Robertson’s campaign sent out an email blaming Republican operatives of trying to shutdown her website. She insists it happened despite never filing a police report and failed to provide any evidence that it was Republicans who attempting to hack her website.

4. Robertson Voted To Raise Taxes Every Year She Has Been A County Legislator

In a Roll Call interview Robertson readily admitted, “she has voted to raise taxes every year she has been in the county legislature.” As chairwomen of the county legislator, she voted to override the state’s 2-percent tax-cap legislation so she could vote for even higher tax increases.