Top Four Things To Know About Gwen Graham (D-FL)

Gwen Graham is running for Congress in Florida’s 2nd Congressional District.

1. Graham’s First Job Out Of Law School Was Being A DC Lobbyist

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Gwen Graham’s first job out of law school was working for a Washington, DC law firm on behalf of a special interest group. Public records even show that Graham lobbied her father’s Senate office.

2. Graham Was A Political Consultant For Liberal Politicians

In 2004, Graham worked for three different presidential candidates: her father Bob Graham, former Governor Howard Dean, and current Secretary of State John Kerry. At the time, Graham said she believed in Dean’s “message of hope and change.”

3. Graham Is Supported By National Democrats Like Nancy Pelosi

Graham was recruited in part by DCCC Chairman Steve Israel (D-NY) to run for congress and her campaign has received over a hundred thousand of dollars from national Democrats, including $12,000 from Nancy Pelosi.

4. Graham Has Supported Candidates That Opposed Banning Partial Birth Abortion

In 2004, Graham worked for Howard Dean and her father Bob Graham, both of whom opposed a ban on partial birth abortion. Her father even voted against the ban.


Updated 9/19/14