Top Four Things To Know About Erin Bilbray-Kohn (D-NV)

Erin Bilbray-Kohn, a political consultant, former lobbyist, and daughter of a former congressman, is running for Congress in Nevada’s 3rd District.

1. Bilbray-Kohn Was A Washington Lobbyist

In 1996 and 1997, Bilbray-Kohn was a registered federal lobbyist for the American Diabetes Association. Bilbray-Kohn was registered to lobby the House, the Senate, the White House, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Institutes of Health on appropriations and issues related to Medicare.

2. Bilbray-Kohn Is A Life-Long Partisan Political Hack

Politics is the Bilbray family business, and Bilbray-Kohn has been involved in partisan politics for her entire careerFrom immediately after college to today, Bilbray-Kohn has been a Democratic political staffer and consultant. Bilbray-Kohn often speaks about her work to get women elected to public office, but even she admitted that all she cares about is electing Democrats. Despite her decades as a partisan Democratic activist, Bilbray-Kohn claims to be a moderate.

3. Bilbray-Kohn Called Her Opponent, A Veteran, “Un-American”

During an interview on “Ralston Reports” with host and Nevada political commentator Jon Ralston, Bilbray-Kohn called her opponent, an Army reservist who served in Iraq, “Un-American” for sending a campaign email when Bilbray-Kohn announced her candidacy. Bilbray-Kohn claimed her opponent’s email discouraged women from participating in politics. Ralston responded, “I can’t believe you are serious about that.” Ralston told Bilbray-Kohn all her opponent called her was  “a liberal and a spin doctor. Both of which are true.”

Nevada columnist Steve Sebelius said “I consider it a rule that the candidate who first questions the patriotism of the other is automatically the candidate standing on weaker ground.”

4. Bilbray-Kohn Is An Ardent Supporter Of ObamaCare

Bilbray-Kohn has been an unquestioning supporter of ObamaCare. She praised ObamaCare for restoring healthcare as a cornerstone of security for the middle class. In 2012, Bilbray-Kohn praised ObamaCare for cutting healthcare costs and improving quality of life. Bilbray-Kohn laughed when asked if she felt any embarrassment as a Democrat about the rollout of ObamaCare, and dismissed issues with the law as a software problem.