Top Four Things To Know About Carol Shea-Porter

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter is running for re-election in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District.

1. Shea-Porter Supports ObamaCare

Shea-Porter not only voted for ObamaCare but has since also voted against defunding or delaying ObamaCare. This should come as no surprise given that as recently as this month Shea-Porter expressed her support for a public option, which would have given the federal government even greater control over the health care system. Despite the healthcare law’s rocky rollout, millions of plan cancellations, and higher premiums, Shea-Porter says she would vote for the law again.

2. Shea-Porter Was For Bipartisanship Before She Was Against It

While to running for Congress in 2006, Shea-Porter spoke about the need to “reach out” to Republicans, saying she understands them because she hails from a Republican family. The very next year, Shea-Porter was boasting about voting with the Democrats 100 percent of the time. Fast forward through her lost election in 2010 and to today, and Shea-Porter still votes with her party 95 percent of the time. Some bipartisanship that is.

3. Shea-Porter Says Of The 113th Congress: “We Haven’t Really Done Anything At All”

At 2013, Shea-Porter admitted that her Congress “hasn’t really haven’t done anything at all.” This is rich, coming from a Congresswoman who has herself only sponsored 8 bills in the 113th Congress.

4. Shea-Porter Repeated Obama’s “Lie Of The Year” On ObamaCare

In 2010, Carol Shea-Porter said that under ObamaCare, “if you like your coverage, you can keep it.” The statement earned Obama Politifact’s Lie Of The Year in 2013.