Top Four Things To Know About Brad Schneider (D-IL)

Brad Schneider - 480x721

Rep. Brad Schneider is a Democrat running for re-election in Illinois’ 10th Congressional District.

1. Schneider Is A Back-Bencher In Congress

Schneider has been unable to bring coalitions together in Washington. Since being sworn-in in January 2013, Schneider has not introduced any legislation. The one bill he touts was actually introduced by a Republican who’s “office says they wrote the bill and that Schneider was an original co-sponsor.”

2. Schneider Is A Partisan Democrat Toeing The Party Line In Washington

Schneider has toed the partisan party line in Washington. Despite attacking his 2012 opponent for voting the party line, Schneider has actually voted with the Democrat party 90% of the time in Washington and Nancy Pelosi 78% of the time.

3. Schneider Has A Questionable Business Background

Schneider’s last consulting company – Cadence Consulting Group – was a “one-man” operation with a value less than $1,000 according to his personal financial disclosures. He also ran an investment firm that had only invested in one company by the time he ran for office. Schneider bristled at these questions saying it wasn’t unusual for a company to show no employees or no revenue.

4. Schneider Wasn’t Concerned About The Implementation Of ObamaCare

Schneider is an ObamaCare supporter. Prior to October 2013, he was dismissive of concerns about the implementation of ObamaCare. Asked in June 2013 if he was “afraid that there are going to be major problems implementing ObamaCare,” Schneider only said his “frustration is that the debate has not been about how do we take it forward.”