Top Four Things To Know About Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ)

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is running for re-election in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District.

1. Kirkpatrick Spends A Lot Of Time Taking About Bipartisanship, But She Votes Right Down The Democrat Party Line

Kirkpatrick talks a lot about bipartisanship and working across the aisle, but she doesn’t metion that she votes the Democrat party line. She currently votes with the Democrat party 88 percent of the time. During her first term, in the 111th Congress, Kirkpatrick voted with Democrats 86 percent of the time. In addition, she has voted for Nancy Pelosi for speaker not once, but twice.

2. Kirkpatrick Is A Staunch Supporter Of ObamaCare

While Kirkpatrick was critical of the ObamaCare rollout, she remains a strong supporter of the law. She voted for ObamaCare during her first term in Congress, and has voted against its repeal. She even voted to shutdown the government instead of defunding or delaying parts of ObamaCare. Kirkpatrick also voted against the Keep Your Health Plan Act, saying it would “neither fix nor improve” ObamaCare.

3. Kirkpatrick Once Walked Out Of Her Own Town Hall Event

In August 2009, Kirkpatrick was scheduled to attend a town hall event in Hollbrook, AZ. Several of her constituents attended the event and began asking her questions. However, Kirkpatrick couldn’t take the heat and bolted from the venue without taking any questions or offering any explanation.

4. Kirkpatrick Gave Her Staff Over $100,000 In Bonuses

Kirkpatrick lost her re-election bid in 2010. During her last 2 days in office, she spent $105,294.63 on staff bonuses before leaving Washington. A review of her payroll records also found that she hired 3 former campaign staffers as congressional staff assistants several days after she lost re-election. Kirkpatrick paid the three staffers over $22,000 from November 2, 2010 to January 2, 2011.