Top Four Facts About Ron Barber (D-AZ)

Rep. Ron Barber is a Democrat running for re-election in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District.

1. Barber Supports ObamaCare

Barber touts that he has voted against repealing ObamaCare six times. Barber has also voted against defunding or delaying ObamaCare. This should come as no surprise because in 2009 Barber expressed his support for a public option, which would have given the federal government even greater control over the health care system.

2. Barber Votes With His Party Three Quarters Of The Time

According to his profile on the Sunlight Foundation’s OpenCongress website, in the 113th Congress Barber has voted with his party 76% of the time and with Nancy Pelosi 66% of the time.

3. Barber Has Yet To Sponsor A Bill That Has Become Law

In 112th and 113th Congresses, Ron Barber sponsored 16 bills and amendments, none of which became law.

4. Barber Opposed $694 Million In New Border Security Funding And Humanitarian Aid

On August 1, 2014, Barber voted against a bill that would have provided $694 million to improve border security, increase the number of immigration judges, and provide humanitarian aid for unaccompanied immigrant minors.


Updated 9/19/14