Top Three Things To Know About Mike Obermueller (D-MN)

Mike Obermueller is running for Congress in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District.

1. Two Of Obermueller’s Former Supporters Are Running Against Him In The Primary

Both Tom Craft and Paula Overby are running against Obermueller in the DFL primary after they volunteered for him in 2012. Craft even donated $250 to Obermueller’s 2012 campaign.

2. Obermueller Says He Is “Open To A Uniquely American, Single-Payer [Health Care] System”

Obermueller supported ObamaCare, and has said he wants to move towards “a uniquely American, single-payer system.”

3. Obermueller Voted For A One Billion Dollar Tax Hike

During Obermueller’s one term in the state house, he voted for a $1 billion tax hike, which would have raised income taxes and liquor taxes. Governor Pawlenty vetoed the tax increase, so Obermueller tried (and failed) to overturn the Governor’s veto.