Kiev Violence Paints Damning Picture of Hillary’s Russia “Reset”

Hillary Hits the Reset Button with Russia

As Secretary of State one of Hillary Clinton’s signature policies was a “reset” in relations with Russia.  Now the Russian backed government in Ukraine’s crackdown on its people is just the latest example of the utter failure of this policy.

Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation and famous chess champion Garry Kasparov tweets: “Murderous repression in Ukraine was foretold by confusion and moral cowardice of EU/US on Syria and elsewhere versus Putin’s pressure.”

On Special Report, George Will noted “What we are seeing in the Ukraine… is a complete failure of what I think was the centerpiece of the president’s foreign policy and that is the reset of the relations with Russia.”

In the Washington Post, Jen Rubin highlights Hillary’s Russia efforts as taking the gold for cluelessness because she “never quite clued into what Putin was up to.”

For her part, former Secretary Clinton has had little to say about the violence and has not walked back her support for the reset.