Watch Kay Hagan Flee Obamacare Questions

Today, Kay Hagan (D-ObamaCare) gave a press conference after she filed to run for reelection as North Carolina’s liberal Senator. During the Q&A, Hagan was repeatedly asked when exactly she knew that North Carolinians would lose their existing health insurance plans since she was on the committee that helped write the law.

Hagan had no answer to give reporters, so she dodged their question hoping to end the interview.

REPORTER: “Senator Hagan, much has been made about your promise that if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it. But what we’re still not sure about is exactly when did you learn that wasn’t the case. Because you were on one of the committees that helped write the bill. Is there a specific timeframe, a day, a month, a week, that you can narrow it to when you learned that wasn’t going to be the case?” HAGAN: “You know, I am sponsoring a bill where if you like that plan, you can keep it on a permanent basis. We in North Carolina are fortunate in that our insurance commissioner and our insurance companies have made available the plans that had been cancelled that if people liked that plan they can keep that plan. That is one of the fixes that needs to be made to the Affordable Care Act, and I am supporting that fix.”

The reporters, not giving in to Hagan’s stonewalling, chased her out of the building where she again dodged the question.

REPORTER: “When did you learn people wouldn’t be able to keep their plans?” HAGAN: “You know, it wasn’t clear that insurance companies were selling substandard policies.” REPORTER: “So, was it after the law was written, I guess, or…”

Finally, in the parking lot of the event, reporters asked Hagan for a third time when she knew people would lose their health insurance plans. Hagan for a third time dodged their questions.

REPORTER: “Was that when the law was written that you realized this, or did you have any timeline when you realized this wasn’t going to be the case?” HAGAN: “Well once again, as I said earlier, it wasn’t clear that the insurance companies were selling substandard plans. And then they had to go and cancel that. So, you know, where we are today is, I am on a bill that makes permanent the plan that you had, when the Affordable Care Act was signed, that you can keep that plan. And I think that’s where we need to go forward with this.”

Hagan has previously said, at least 22 times, that if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. There is no question that she doesn’t want to admit that she lied to North Carolinians to help sell President Obama’s failed health insurance law.