Hillary Hiding Docs She Promised Would Be Public

Politico reported this AM that there are thousands of documents that the Clinton Library is refusing to make public, even though the legal reason for keeping them private expired a year ago. This is in stark contrast to what Hillary promised. Buzzfeed has video of Hillary Clinton in 2004 promising that all the records from the Clinton Library would be public and that they’d be accessible “even earlier than legally required.” We’re well past that promise being broken.


KING: Well, make a call as I said. Do you think the impeachment thing was handled tastefully and well?

H. CLINTON: I do. I do. I’ve told everyone that the history was going to be full and accurate. Nothing’s left out. Obviously, not everything can be shown. But there’s going to be access to all of the documents. In fact, Bill is going to be making his documents accessible even earlier than legally required.

KING: He is?

H. CLINTON: He is. Because he really thinks it’s important. That’s one of the things the library really stands for. It physically stands for openness with all the glass and the light. But he wants it to be a place where people come and really study. And everything’s going to be available.