Rick Weiland, South Dakota’s Hypocrite Of The Year

According to a new report in the Capital Journal, Democrat Senate candidate Rick Weiland’s (D-SD) fundraising numbers show that approximately 71 percent of his total campaign contributions have come from out-of-state donors.

Weiland is second only to Rounds in fundraising among candidates, according to the latest FEC filings. In total, he has raised $232,968 in identifiable contributions. But compared to Rounds, an even greater percentage of Weiland’s totals – approximately 71 percent, or $165,000 – has come from outside South Dakota. About $67,000 has been given to Weiland by South Dakota residents or committees.

But wait! Just last year Weiland was out on the ca

WEILAND: “I think South Dakotans want to talk to the people that want to represent them, and not have to watch a bunch of political ads that have been paid for by big money, special interest, out-of-state donors.”

It’s only January, but it’s safe to say that Rick Weiland is South Dakota’s hypocrite of the year.

mpaign trail giving stump speeches against political campaigns that were funded by out-of-state money.