NEW America Rising Graphic: Look Where Obama Is NOT Going

President Obama embarks on his post-State of the Union tour across the country today. What’s notable on the president’s itinerary are the states he’s avoiding at all costs: any that have an incumbent U.S. Senator facing reelection or those challenger races touted by national Democrats.

Check out our new graphic that highlights how Obama hopscotches over these competitive Senate states.

It’s no surprise that Democrats up in 2014 are avoiding Obama. We already saw Kay Hagan ditch Obama earlier this month. And last night there was this painfully awkward Mark Udall interview where he dodges whether he’d want Obama to campaign for him.

Democrats can try to pretend that they aren’t in line with Obama, but what they can’t run away from is every vulnerable Democrat Senator voted at least 90 percent of the time to support the president’s agenda.