‘Mary, Come On Home’

Mary Landrieu is trying to run from Obama and his health care bill that she voted for (and would vote for again tomorrow), but as NBC’s David Gregory points out.

You know, you can run, but you can’t hide in a lot of cases. Look at Mary Landrieu, she voted for health care and now she is out there, you know, beating the drum saying, ‘no I want to rewrite this law and I want to work on it,’ and she still voted for it and she is still going to be seen as a loyal Democrat to the President and his agenda. So you’re right.

Even Landrieu’s father thinks she’s been in Washington too long and, thanks to her ObamaCare vote, is facing a campaign she probably can’t win:

It is the Senate race that most concerns Moon Landrieu, especially the onslaught of health-law-themed negative television ads underwritten by outside groups, a daunting development even for an old pro who has seen so much.

“I have at times said, ‘Mary, come on home, girl. There’s another life out here,’ ” he said.