Hoboken Mayor’s Outlandish Anti-Christie Claims Blown Up By ABC, AP

Democrat groups American Bridge and the DNC and liberal media outlets like MSNBC were quick to jump on some outlandish claims by Democrat Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer regarding the Christie Administration threatening to withhold Sandy funds from her city.

The problem? This partisan Democrat’s story just isn’t standing up to scrutiny.

Today, ABC News has a copy of a deposition from July 2013 that “calls into question” the central evidence she cites defending  her claims. In the deposition Zimmer says she doesn’t keep any personal record of meetings. Yet the main piece of evidence in her attacks on Christie is a “diary” of events that was said to be written two months before that deposition.

Previously the AP debunked the salacious thrust of her accusation: that Hoboken was short changed in Sandy funds. That’s simply not true. Hoboken’s aid was on par with other affected towns.

In a separate incident in the past year, Zimmer has been accused of perjuring herself under oath by lawyers for a wrongfully terminated public safety employee.

Even other Democrat Mayors in New Jersey don’t buy it. Union City Mayor Brian Stack said: “I just think the story is far-fetched.”

Seems that in their willingness to accept anything negative they hear about Christie to advance their political agenda that Democrats are selling a story that’s a dud.