David Brock’s Inconvenient Truth

David Brock and Media Matters jump on any opportunity to try to poke holes in news reports that show the Administration and State Department’s incompetence in Benghazi. They’ve gone so far as to call for the head of reporters they deem to have been incorrect in their reporting and have relied on highly misleading and shoddy “facts” of their own in an attempt to defend Hillary and whitewash her record on Benghazi.

The problem? You can’t be a credible fact checker when you ignore reporters who make mistakes that reinforce your desired narrative.

report out today from the Washington Post shows that U.S. Officials believe former Guantanamo detainee and al-Qaeda linked and trained militant Abu Sufian bin Qumu was involved in the attack on Benghazi. This directly contradicts a New York Times report claiming there was “no evidence that Al Qaeda and other international terrorist groups had any role” in the attack.

The facts are that terrorist groups were involved. And Media Matters is silent because that’s an inconvenient truth for David Brock. So while he tries to sell a snake oil book called “The Benghazi Hoax” in order to provide cover to Hillary Clinton, the reality is the only one perpetrating a hoax is him.