The Bustos Record: Fighting Against Her Own District

Rep. Cheri Bustos announced that she is bringing Pam Davidson, a John Deere employee, to the State Of The Union tomorrow night.

Bustos wants the move to highlight her own support for her district’s manufacturing base, but Bustos’ record doesn’t match her pro-manufacturing rhetoric.

The manufacturers in Bustos’ district say free trade creates jobs. John Deere’s CEO Samuel Allen said free trade is ” the best thing” and “a real positive.”

But where does Bustos stand on free trade? She’s called NAFTA a ”failed model ,” and has gone on record opposing fast-track authority for trade agreements. Bustos’ anti-trade rhetoric even prompted the CEO of another local manufacturing powerhouse Caterpillar to call her rhetoric “an absolute abomination.”

And Bustos’ support of ObamaCare, which she said lowers costs for business, is costing Davidson’s employer $150,000,000.