Bloomberg’s Wasted Energy

Yesterday evening it was reported that former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg “has been tapped to be U.N. special envoy for cities and climate change.”

To those close to Bloomberg, this may come as no surprise. Joyce Purnick writes in Mike Bloomberg: Money, Power, Politics about Bloomberg’s infatuation with powerful positions:

“Mike’s List: President of the United States. Secretary general of the United Nations. Head of the World Bank. Those were the three jobs Mike Bloomberg coveted as far back as college. He talked about them so often that friends were convinced that he wasn’t fantasizing the way young people do, but actually planning ahead.”

However, while Bloomberg is quick to claim he is a vocal leader on climate change there are multiple levels of hypocrisy in his daily habits.

Bloomberg is known to fly “everywhere on private jets, the least carbon-efficient form of transportation on or above the earth.”

And after Bloomberg began receiving flack for keeping his SUV’s engine idle to power the air conditioning system, Bloomberg had his aides attach “a home air conditioner to the car’s front window.”

A local CBS anchor mocked Bloomberg’s solution, saying “it’s a stunt that could have easily been labeled a stupid-people trick on late night television.”

Even CNN anchor Piers Morgan joined NYC residents in criticizing the air conditioning system.

Maybe the 10th richest individual in America could join the rest of the country and simply get in the car and roll the windows down.