Bloomberg’s Down Payment

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $2.5 million To Senate Majority PAC as a potential first overture to millions more to come supporting Democrats in 2014.

Bloomberg’s use of his personal fortune to buy off political opposition is well documented, as is Mary LandrieuKay HaganMark Pryor, And Mark Begich‘s opposition to outside money in their races.

But these Senators might need to be more concerned about accepting campaign help from a group funded by someone who has supported:

Strict gun control measures

A national carbon tax

Eliminating coal plants

Banning tobacco use

Banning big gulps

And regulating everything from alcohol to styrofoam

Much of which the Senators claim to oppose. So if they are reelected to the Senate and Uncle Bloomby comes calling for support on his latest ban, what will these Senators say?

Bloomberg has $31 billion that he’s ready to spend on spreading his political ideology around the country. Has he just bought a down payment on 4 more votes? Voters in these states should be concerned that Bloomberg nanny-stateism is coming to them.