Alison Lundergan Grimes Dodges On Endorsing Harry Reid

Today, asked if she endorsed Harry Reid as Majority Leader, Alison Lundergan Grimes dodged the question and refused to answer.

WHAS’ 11’s JOE ARNOLD: “Do you endorse the way that Harry Reid has run the US Senate as Majority Leader, and would you endorse him as Majority Leader if you were elected?”

GRIMES: “Well, unlike Senator McConnell, I’m not running for a leadership position. Kentucky has been the one who has lost as a result of Senator McConnell literally playing Washington politics and pandering to the Washington insiders and lobbyists and special interests. My focus is putting the people of Kentucky first, and there is blame on both sides of the aisle for the use of the filibuster and the nuclear option and I think what the people of Kentucky want and need and deserve and what we are about is making sure that there are results happening in Washington D.C.”

ARNOLD: “But McConnell says a vote for Grimes is a vote for Nevada’s Reid as Senate Majority Leader – does that hurt Grimes’ campaign?”

GRIMES: “I will evaluate all decisions, whether they be choices in leadership, or legislation. As a United States Senator with this in mind, and that is, is it best for the people of Kentucky?”

However, according to Politico, Grimes traveled to Washington in May 2013 and had a private meeting with Reid where encouraged Grimes to run for the Senate. He even encouraged Grimes to run in a “follow-up phone conversation that she initiated.” Grimes has even gone as far as to hire Harry Reid’s pollster in her Senate campaign.

The question is, what did Grimes tell Reid privately that she won’t tell the people of Kentucky publicly?