Alex Sink Cancels Debate To Attend Fundraiser In Washington, DC

According to SaintPetersBlog, it looks like Alex Sink forced a local group to reschedule a debate so that she could raise money from national Democrats and lobbyists in Washington, DC:

Jolly and, presumably, Sink had agreed to participate in a February 5th Tiger Bay program. However, nearly three weeks after that date was set, the organization reached out to Jolly to ask that he agree to reschedule the event. Gerard wrote to Jolly, “…we have a problem with Tiger Bay on February 5th.”

That problem, Gerard couldn’t/wouldn’t say was that the Tiger Bay debate on February 5th interferes with a fundraising reception for Sink in Washington D.C.

Perhaps the D.C. fundraiser was already on Sink’s calendar. That could be the case. Or she could have shuffled a Tiger Bay appearance to raise money from D.C. lobbyists so that she can air more television ads attacking Jolly for being a D.C. lobbyist.