61 Percent Favor ObamaCare Repeal

Scott Rasmussen reports today that 61 percent of likely voters favor repeal of President Obama’s signature legislative victory: health care reform.

As this photo indicates, it’s sunk in with average Americans that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (along with its companion Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act), commonly known as “ObamaCare”, will neither protect patients better nor provide Americans with more affordable health care than the system the reforms are replacing.

President Obama signed the two laws enacting his health care reform in March and federal agencies are currently writing accompanying regulations. Despite phased implementation dates stretching to 2018, the effects of ObamaCare started rippling through the economy immediately. Several companies shocked the Administration and Democratic congressmen with eye-popping writedowns in value following ObamaCare’s enactment. More recently, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius threatened to blacklist health insurance companies for telling the truth about ObamaCare’s upward pressure on the premiums they charge – at the same time the Administration’s own Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services plainly projected that the new laws had bent the health care “cost curve” up and not down.  Additionally, a recent Labor Day report issued by the National Association of Manufacturers cited the uncertain regulatory environment created by ObamaCare as a key factor suppressing hiring in the current jobless recovery.

In rulings on August 2 and September 14, federal judges allowed two constitutional challenges against ObamaCare by 21 states to proceed to trial. Polls since ObamaCare’s enactment have consistently shown majorities or pluralities of American voters in favor of repeal.