Voters Trust Republicans Over Democrats on Ten of Ten Major Issues

Two surveys of 1,000 likely voters each conducted in August by Rasmussen Reports found that voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on all 10 issues regularly tracked by the electronic media company. This is up from 9 of the 10 key issues in July. It comes as no surprise that the economy is identified as the single most important issue, and the GOP leads democrats by 8 points: 47% to 39%. Republicans have led in voters’ economic trust since May of ’09.

Also interesting, with two Democratic Congressmen currently under ethical investigation it’s no wonder that new polling found voters trust Republicans more with 40% to Democrats 38%. Many Americans benefit from the Bush tax cuts, and with the cuts set to expire, American voters overwhelmingly trust Republicans to manage taxes by 52% to only 36% trusting Democrats.

On national security and the war on terror Republicans hold a 12-point lead of 49% to 37%. Despite Democrats blaming the GOP for what they see as failure with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, voters trust Republicans to manage the wars with 43% to 40% and 43% to 36% respectively.

Popularity increases for the Arizona immigration law and so does voter trust for the Republicans to tackle immigration reform by a margin of 44% to 35%. Most voters want similar laws in their own states. Missourians recently showed their dislike of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi healthcare “reform” and nationally, voters prefer Republicans by an 8-point margin of 48% to 40%. 56% of voters favor an all-out repeal of ObamaCare. Republicans are also the preferred party to tackle social security and education reforms with voters saying they trust Republicans by a margin of 41% to 40% and 44% to 38% on the corresponding issues.

More than anything, the Rasmussen poll shows that voters are tired of the way things are being handled in Washington. They feel as though they are not being listened to, and on a Generic Congressional Ballot likely voters prefer Republicans by 9-points. Republicans have been favored on the Generic Congressional Ballot since last summer.