Win One for the Gipper in 2010

Today, June 7th, happens to be the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s first election victory in 1966, when he captured the Republican nomination for governor in California.  That fall, Reagan was elected governor by a landslide over an entrenched incumbent, paving the way for one of the most impactful political careers in American history.  This year, as Republicans seek to unseat entrenched Democrat incumbents across the country, it’s worth reminding ourselves once again what made Ronald Reagan so successful.  First, Reagan had a clear, compelling vision of what America could and should be.  Second, he demolished conventional liberal thinking with a devastating combination of humor, principle and common sense.  And third, he didn’t just bash his opponents’ misguided policies – he presented the voters with a bracing and bold alternative agenda.

Given this Administration’s astonishing ineptness and the big-government radicalism of the Democrat Congress, the great temptation for Republicans this election year is to simply point the finger at their opponents.  There’s no question that Democrats must be held accountable for their arrogant abuse of taxpayers, and American Crossroads will help make sure of that.  But ultimately, Americans don’t vote for finger-pointers – they vote for leaders.  Republican officeholders and candidates need to remember why they entered public service and what they truly believe in about this country – and then give it everything they’ve got to “win one for the Gipper” in 2010.