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American Crossroads Asks: “Harry Reid’s Work Is Paying Off? For Whom?”

We’re excited about the new American Crossroads ad countering Senator Harry Reid’s boast that “no one can do more” than he can for Nevada.

While Reid takes credit for taxpayer-funded government projects, we point out the real impact of the Reid/Obama economic agenda on most Nevadans: record foreclosures, falling housing prices, and the second highest unemployment rate in the nation.  That’s just one reason why Reid can’t seem to buy any love in his home state, despite spending $10 million of his own political cash, and untold billions of our taxpayer dollars to make himself popular.

Americans across the country are rejecting the Reid formula of pork projects and slash-and-burn politics, in favor of a new direction of financial responsibility, free enterprise and limited government that will rebuild our nation’s economic and fiscal health.  But as the most powerful person in the U.S. Senate and the architect of ObamaCare and the $787 billion “stimulus” bailout, Harry Reid will do everything he can to expand government power and squander your taxes on more special-interest bailouts – unless we challenge his destructive agenda.

So: watch the adJoin the team.  Roll up your sleeves and help us set a new direction for America.