American Crossroads to Harry Reid: “You’ve Done Enough!”

American Crossroads is turning up the heat on Harry Reid with a new TV ad holding him accountable for the failure of the Reid/Obama/Pelosi agenda to revive Nevada’s shattered economy.

Harry Reid has presided over a Senate that helped nationalize our health care system, racked up reckless deficits and debt, and became a Bailout ATM for well-heeled special interests.  Meanwhile, Nevadans are suffering under record home foreclosures and the highest unemployment rate in the country.

What’s Harry’s answer?  More deficit-financed pork and vicious political attacks.

What’s our answer?  Harry: you’ve done enough!

To rebuild America’s ailing economic and fiscal health, we need principled leadership that respects taxpayers, restrains spending, and restricts government power.  If you’d like to help make that a reality, then join us and be part of the American Crossroads community!