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Hillary Clinton’s campaign “relaunch” – By The Numbers

With Hillary Clinton’s upcoming campaign “launch” this weekend really more of a “reset” (and we know how well resets have gone for her in the past), now is a good opportunity to assess how things have gone so far since her actual campaign launch back in April.

Since becoming an official candidate for president on April 12, here is Hillary by the numbers (infographic below)…

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New American Crossroads Battleground Survey: Hillary Hobbled by Trust Deficit

WASHINGTON – Today American Crossroads released a new polling memorandum from Public Opinion Strategies and Axis Research showing that, in the twelve battleground states that will decide the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton has weak ballot support, is viewed negatively by close to half of all respondents, and faces a severe trust deficit with voters.

The polling memo can be viewed here.

“Hillary Clinton’s biggest problems are character-based – people don’t trust her and they see her as out of touch,” said Steven Law, president and chief executive officer of American Crossroads. “Unlike Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary Clinton is viewed as anything but a fresh face, but instead a self-serving politician who needs to go on ‘listening tours’ to figure out what’s going on with ‘everyday’ Americans.”

American Crossroads Statement on Ann Kirkpatrick

WASHINGTON – A lot of Arizonans still don’t know much about Ann Kirkpatrick, but they are about to find out she is an extreme liberal more interested in catering to left-wing special interests than serving Arizona.

Just for starters, here are a few important facts about Kirkpatrick:

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