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New American Crossroads Ad Gives Credit to Begich

The Alaska Democrat Deserves Credit for Voting with Obama 97% of the Time, Not for Projects He Claims Credit For

ANCHORAGE – Today, American Crossroads released a new ad in Alaska highlighting the continued disconnect between the record Mark Begich touts in Alaska and his real record in Washington.

The new ad, “Credit,” will air statewide for a total buy of $450,000 starting on Thursday, June 26.  The spot can be viewed here

“Give Mark Begich credit where it’s due: he’s the only member of the Alaska congressional delegation who votes with Barack Obama 97% of the time,” said Art Hackney, an Alaska-based strategist for American Crossroads. “The fact is that the record Begich touts in Alaska is far removed from his real record in Washington. While Begich wants to take credit in Alaska for things he did not do, he’s hoping Alaskans will look the other way when it comes to his record of voting with President Obama.”

American Crossroads Congratulates Elise Stefanik on Victory in NY-21 Republican Primary  

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads released the following statement from president and CEO Steven Law regarding Elise Stefanik’s victory in the New York 21st congressional district Republican primary:

“Elise Stefanik offers a fresh and exciting voice for the North Country. This decisive victory in the Republican primary is proof that she is the only candidate in this race who can win this seat for Republicans in November and be a champion in Congress for lower taxes and smaller government.” [Read more...]

New TV Ad: Do Arkansans Agree with Barack Obama 90% of the Time?

Mark Pryor Does. 

WASHINGTON – Today, American Crossroads released a new ad in Arkansas highlighting Mary Pryor’s record of voting with Obama 90% of the time.

The new ad, “Rubber Stamp,” will air statewide for a total buy of $440,000 starting on Tuesday, June 24.  The spot can be viewed here. 

“Mark Pryor likes to say that he ‘listens to Arkansas,’ but his voting record suggests he’s not listening very well,” said American Crossroads communications director Paul Lindsay. “While Arkansans opposed the Obama agenda of higher taxes and more spending, Pryor rubberstamped the failed stimulus and cast the deciding vote for Obamacare. Pryor’s loyalty to Obama is costing Arkansas.”