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New American Crossroads Ad Calls Out Hillary Clinton for Dodging Tough Questions

It’s been nothing but crickets and spin from Clinton since she announced

WASHINGTON – Today, American Crossroads released a new web ad calling out Hillary Clinton for continuing to dodge tough questions and provide non-answers to the few inquiries to which she has been forced to respond.

The new ad, entitled “Crickets,” can be viewed here.

“Despite being a candidate for president, Hillary Clinton is determined to dodge important questions about her positions and provide non-answers to inquiries about her ethical troubles,” said Ian Prior, Communications Director for American Crossroads. “Whether the issue is trade, the Keystone Pipeline, or the influence of foreign donors, Americans deserve better than transparent spin and crickets from Hillary Clinton.”

American Crossroads Releases Poll Showing Hillary Clinton Trailing in Key Battleground States

“Hide Hillary” Strategy Backfiring on Clinton

WASHINGTON – Today American Crossroads released the results of a poll showing Hillary Clinton trailing 51%-41% to a generic Republican nominee in the six key battleground states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia.

The poll, conducted by Vox Populi, also shows that 61% of those surveyed believed that there likely was a conflict of interest in Hillary Clinton’s office approving a deal that benefited donors to her foundation; 64% found that deal to be a threat to our national security. Additionally, 58% of those polled said that Clinton will “say or do anything” in order to be elected President, while 52% did not find her to be trustworthy.

“This poll shows that the Clinton campaign’s ‘Hide Hillary’ strategy isn’t working and may in fact be backfiring,” said Steven Law, president and chief executive officer of American Crossroads. “Clearly the conflicts and ethical concerns raised by the Clinton Foundation morass are real to voters and her failure to address them is negatively affecting how voters feel about Hillary.”

*** The poll was conducted by Vox Populi from May 7-9, 2015 and surveyed 1698 Active Voters in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia

American Crossroads Names New Finance, Communications, Research Directors

Also Announces New Political, Finance Deputies

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads today announced four new staffers as it gears up for the 2016 election: Brittney Godoy (Finance Director), Ian Prior (Communications Director), Sean Philbin (Research Director and Strategic Communications Advisor) and Grace Eberhart (Deputy Finance Director).  Kelly Nallen, who served as Digital Director for the Crossroads groups in 2014, was also promoted to Deputy Political Director.

“After a very successful 2014 cycle, American Crossroads is gearing up for the 2016 election by bringing on talented rising stars to lead our Finance, Communications, and Research teams, as well as promoting from within,” said Steven Law, president and chief executive officer of American Crossroads. “This is a great team to take the organization into the most important election in our group’s history.” [Read more…]