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New American Crossroads Poll: Hillary Clinton Continues to Plummet in Battleground States

WASHINGTON – Today, American Crossroads released the results of its monthly Vox Populi tracking poll showing that Hillary Clinton is losing to a generic Republican nominee in six key battleground states by fourteen points (53%-39%). The poll also shows that 60% of those surveyed do not trust Clinton (up from 56% last month), 56% do not believe Clinton shares their values (up from 54% last month), and 62% think that Clinton will say or do anything to get elected (up from 58% last month).

Other top highlights from this poll include:

-54% of those polled would be less likely to support Clinton for her support of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran; and

-56% are less likely to support Clinton because she refuses to take a position on the Keystone Pipeline.

The poll can be viewed here.

“While Hillary Clinton is dealing with an F.B.I. investigation into whether her private email server compromised national security, her campaign is struggling to stop the bleeding from a deepening trust deficit in key battleground states,” said Ian Prior, Communications Director for American Crossroads. “Making Hillary’s miserable August even more bleak is the fact that voters in these crucial states are finding yet another reason to oppose Hillary – her support for the dangerously flawed and unpopular Iran nuclear deal.”

Hillary and Wall Street

With the arrival of yesterday’s FEC campaign finance reporting deadline, we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at Hillary Clinton’s past campaign finance history and her extensive, long-standing ties to Wall Street.  Between contributions to her various campaigns and to the Clinton Foundation, Wall Street has spent at least $26 million to benefit and support Hillary Clinton.  And as the graphic below illustrates, almost $19 million of that total has gone straight into her campaign coffers.  Sources and methodology below the infographic (click to enlarge):


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Hillary Clinton’s campaign “relaunch” – By The Numbers

With Hillary Clinton’s upcoming campaign “launch” this weekend really more of a “reset” (and we know how well resets have gone for her in the past), now is a good opportunity to assess how things have gone so far since her actual campaign launch back in April.

Since becoming an official candidate for president on April 12, here is Hillary by the numbers (infographic below)…

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