Hillary jokes with supporter who wants to “strangle” Carly Fiorina

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Yesterday, the FBI expanded its probe of Hillary Clinton’s private email server to yet another company that expressed concerns about Clinton’s private email use, adding to the “drip, drip, drip” of information about Clinton’s server. [Read more…]

Despite doing everything in her power to distract from her email scandal, including a barrage of television ads backed by million-dollar buys, Hillary Clinton continues to find herself down in the polls. [Read more…]


Conway got himself a little twisted on his answer regarding Common Core in tonight’s debate. Conway staunchly stood for Common Core, which provides national standards for education, but then contradicted his answer saying he isn’t for a “one-size fits all” curriculum.

On doing business in Kentucky, Conway says Kentucky is a good place to do business. However, under Democratic Gov. Beshear, Kentucky ranks 33rd out of 50 states in Forbes’ rankings for state business climates.

Looks like you can add education and the Beshear-Conway economic climate to issues that make Conway sweat.

At today’s event in Muscatine, Iowa, Hillary Clinton made the claim that she has laid out how all of her proposals would be paid for and challenged her opponents to do the same.

That is inaccurate. [Read more…]

The Colorado Springs Gazette editorial board echoed the concerns of citizens and elected officials across the state who are deeply opposed to the Obama administration’s proposal to transfer Guantanamo Bay detainees to sites in Colorado:

President Barack Obama, don’t import terror suspects to Cañon City or Florence. We don’t want them in our homeland, much less in Colorado.

The editorial includes statements from Colorado politicians like Sen. Cory Gardner, who called the proposal “irresponsible,” Rep. Mike Coffman, who said it was “outrageous,” and Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, who described the suggestion as “illegal.”

Sen. Michael Bennet’s statement was considerably more muted, mildly stating that the Department of Defense has “made no case that it makes sense” to transfer the detainees.

What gives? Bennet, facing low approval ratings and a tough reelection, clearly feels compelled to pay lip service to opposing something sure to be deeply unpopular with just about everyone. But he knows he has to walk a fine line given his voting record. The Washington Free Beacon reported:

However, Bennet has not supported legislation that would have blocked the administration from transferring any Gitmo detainees to the United States.

Bennet voted against an amendment in November 2013 that would have prohibited moving any detainee to the United States for one year. He voted against similar amendments in 2012 and 2009, which would have blocked funding towards transferring prisoners at Gitmo.

He voiced support in May 2009 for withholding funding used to transfer detainees to a Supermax prison in Colorado, but voted to table an amendment that November that would have done so. The amendment would have blocked funding to “construct or modify a facility in the United States or its territories to permanently or temporarily hold any individual held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.”

Sen. Bennet is finding out the hard way that votes cast to appease President Obama and the Democratic leadership on Capitol Hill are likely to come back to haunt him with voters at home.

At an event today in Iowa, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked about how the United States should deal with the growing problems in Syria. Clinton mentioned that she’s called for building a coalition to support a no-fly zone in Syria. [Read more…]


If you watched the last televised Kentucky gubernatorial debate, you saw Democrat Jack Conway “glisten” with sweat as he tried to convince Kentuckians he won’t push the Obama-Clinton liberal agenda in the Commonwealth if elected governor. With the clock counting down to tonight’s debate, it is worth looking at what makes Conway sweat. After careful study, Conway’s nervous perspiration can be distilled to four key factors:

Barack Obama

Conway has supported President Barack Obama since 2007 and in 2008 and 2012, Conway served as a delegate for Obama. Apparently, Obama’s war on Kentucky’s coal industry was not enough for Conway to abandon the president in his re-election.


On Obamacare, Conway couldn’t be a bigger supporter. Conway has said voting for Obamacare was a time for “Democrats to stand up and be a Democrat” and he “would have been proud to vote for it.” Obamacare has negatively impacted Kentucky, leading to doctor shortages and financial struggles for hospitals, particularly in rural areas.

Hillary Clinton

In a recent debate, Conway refused to answer who he would vote for in the presidential election, even though he has supported Hillary Clinton in the past, and called her “the next president” at a rally last year for failed Democrat Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes. Clinton’s own troubles, regarding her e-mails, is probably the reason Conway’s dodging and sweating. As MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said, it is the “last thing” Kentucky Democrats need in this election.

Cap And Trade

In 2009, as the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill was working it’s way through the legislature, Conway said he supported it. However, in true Conway fashion, he flip-flopped on the issue. But money talks, and campaign records show he has accepted thousands of dollars from major anti-coal activists The Sierra Club, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, who said “coal makes us sick.” Furthermore, Conway said he will vote for whomever the Democrat nominee is for president. He would support Bernie Sanders who supports eliminating subsidies to coal and a tax on carbon and Martin O’Malley whose administration got strong support from environmentalists to reduce coal plants.

It is clear why debates make Conway sweat. He is an Obama-Clinton liberal and doesn’t share Kentucky values. Find more information on Conway’s record here.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has no single, compelling message to voters, according to a new report from The Hill. The piece quotes numerous Democrats who are struggling to find a clear, concise response to the question “Why should Hillary Clinton be president?” [Read more…]

While it hardly came as a shock to the political world that New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan is running for the U.S. Senate, it was surprising that a rollout clearly in the works for months was so lackluster. [Read more…]

During a September 2015 “Listening Tour” in Douglas County, Colorado, Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District Morgan Carroll attacked what she called the “mainstream media,” specifically calling out The Denver Post and two of its top journalists. [Read more…]