AR PAC Submits FOIA Request Seeking Communications & Expenses Regarding Julian Castro’s Clinton Endorsement

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On Wednesday, facing pressure from labor groups, Hillary Clinton came out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. Just three years ago, while serving as President Obama’s Secretary of State, Clinton called the TPP the “gold standard in trade agreements.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel highlighted Clinton’s flip-flop on TPP, and other breaks she has had with the Obama administration since deciding to run for President.

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin doesn’t “believe this is Hillary Clinton’s actual position on the deal.”

Halperin isn’t the only person that doesn’t believe Hillary Clinton actually opposes the TPP.

Vox’s Ezra Klein writes:

“I don’t truly know what’s in Clinton’s heart — perhaps I’m wrong, and despite all evidence to the contrary, she holds all these positions deeply — but as a close reader of her record, I’m not convinced that Clinton, in office, wouldn’t support policies like the Cadillac tax or negotiate trade deals like the TPP. And as someone trying to understand Clinton’s likely governing philosophy, it’s unnerving.”

While NBC News writes:

“Yes, Hillary Clinton’s new opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade accord cleans up something she needed to do before next week’s first Democratic debate. And, yes, it puts pressure on Vice President Joe Biden getting into the race (because he’d be on the only major candidate in support of TPP). But make no mistake: This flip-flop isn’t believable at all.”

Larry Sabato called Clinton’s reversal on TPP “transparently political” and accused Clinton of pandering to the left.

MSNBC’s Mark Murray said Clinton’s decision on TPP was intended to protect her from attacks on her left flank.

It seems that Hillary Clinton and her campaign are so worried about her sagging poll numbers, coupled with Vice President Joe Biden’s possible presidential run, that they decided Clinton needed to pander to liberal Democrats. However, all this flip-flop shows is that Hillary Clinton will say or do anything to become President. And begs the question: what does Hillary Clinton actually believe?

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The depth of the trust deficit between swing-state voters and Hillary Clinton is revealed in a new Quinnipiac poll that shows likely voters view her as the least honest and trustworthy candidate of all top presidential contenders.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump comes in a close second, but the Quinnipiac University polling in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania shows voters giving the Democratic front-runner the worst scores.

While the polls show Clinton holding her lead in all three states, the responses on the trust question suggest the frequent developments on her personal email scandal are taking a toll.

Republicans seized on the “trust” numbers Wednesday, especially after Clinton’s campaign went on offense earlier this week against the congressional Benghazi investigative committee.

“After all the campaign resets and the millions poured into TV ads, Hillary Clinton still finds herself disliked and not trusted by the American people,” Jeff Bechdel, spokesman for the conservative America Rising PAC, said in a statement.


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