Des Moines Register: Live in Norwalk? GOP is targeting you with anti-Clinton ads

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Crossroads TV ad featuring Bill Clinton counters President Obama’s message as he sells stimulus plan on trip to swing states.

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads today announced it is releasing a TV ad in Pennsylvania and Florida as part of a continuing campaign to aggressively counter President Obama’s efforts to sell his second stimulus plan at state and local events.
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New TV ad offers counterpoint to Missouri voters as Obama comes to St. Louis to promote tax increase, re-election; new online ads target viewers who watch Obama’s ABC interview online.

 WASHINGTON – American Crossroads on Monday night released a new television ad in St. Louis to offer a counterpoint to President Obama’s visit to Missouri this week. The group also launched a new nationwide online ad targeted at viewers who watch Obama’s recent online interview with ABC News.
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New memo outlines ways to refocus Obama’s criticism of Congress onto the fragile Democratic majority in the Senate.

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads today released a new strategy memo by its president and CEO Steven Law, outlining how Republicans can redirect President Obama’s sharp criticism of Congress toward the Democrats controlling the U.S. Senate.

The memo, which can be viewed here, contends:
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American Crossroads Communications Director Jonathan Collegio discussed the Republican primary and the 2012 election on America’s Newsroom this morning.

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads today released the following statement on the tax plan being released this morning by President Obama.

Please credit the quote below to Steven Law, president and CEO of American Crossroads, and former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor:

“Obama’s new tax increase proposal is a class-warfare reelection stunt that would clobber American jobs. In the space of a week, Obama has proposed new taxes on small businesses, manufacturers, health insurance benefits and even charities. With a third of economists now predicting a new recession in the next year, it’s clear that Obama is willing to take another wrecking ball to the American economy to get reelected.”
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American Crossroads board member Jim Dyke goes head to head with Paul Begala on Obama’s reelection chances.  Be sure to pay close attention to when Begala admits that Obama’s only chance is to relentlessly attack the Republican nominee, rather than run on his own failed record of job creation.

Jim Dyke & Paul Begala on CNN from JDA Frontline on Vimeo.