Will Trade Be Clinton’s 3rd Flip Flop In 6 Days?

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As she wrapped up her energy tour which she tried to use to desperately revise her liberal record, Claire McCaskill yesterday told a gaggle of Missouri reporters that, “I am not a reliable vote for his (Obama’s) administration.”

Watch her delusions for yourself here:

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Runza Sandwiches Available Only in Nebraska – Not Kerrey’s Home in Greenwich Village

WASHINGTON – When Bob Kerrey returns to his New York City home to make a decision about running for U.S. Senate in Nebraska, he will be welcomed by a package of Runza sandwiches, a popular Nebraska food product, shipped to him by American Crossroads. [Read more…]

Crossroads spot hits Kerrey on Obamacare, tax hikes, and NYC residency 

WASHINGTON – As carpetbagger Bob Kerrey returns to Nebraska from his New York City home to consider a U.S. Senate campaign, American Crossroads has launched a radio ad to remind voters of Kerrey’s far-left record of supporting Obamacare, voting for the largest tax hike in history, and leading a university the New York Times called a “liberal haven.” [Read more…]

 Crossroads calls on Warren to reject funds from Wall Street which increased her fundraising haul

WASHINGTON – With the news today of Professor Elizabeth Warren’s fourth quarter fundraising total, American Crossroads again called on Warren to end her hypocrisy and reject campaign funds raised on Wall Street.  In the release today from her campaign about the fundraising total, Warren blasted “Wall street millions” in politics yet just last week she admitted raising funds from Wall Street. [Read more…]

More typical Washington behavior, as President breaks promise and hires former lobbyist to set his domestic agenda.

WASHINGTON – When President Obama yesterday hired former lobbyist Cecilia Munoz to lead his Domestic Policy Council, he broke his promise that lobbyists would not work in the White House during his administration. [Read more…]

Crossroads calls on Warren to refund Wall Street campaign cash; reject Democrat Senate Committee’s Wall Street-funded support

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads today called on Professor Elizabeth Warren to refund the campaign cash she bagged on Wall Street and to ask the Wall Street-funded Democrat Senate Committee to stop supporting her campaign.  Warren previously refused to reject the financial support of the Wall Streetenriched Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). [Read more…]

American Crossroads released a new video highlighting Obama’s claim that his accomplishments so far are greater than any president except Lincoln, Roosevelt or Lyndon Johnson.  Watch the video below.

Professor Warren still refuses to say no to Wall Street campaign money from DSCC

WASHINGTON – As another Democrat bows to the pressure of the Wall Street-financed Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s (DSCC) efforts to clear the Massachusetts Senate primary field for Professor Elizabeth Warren, American Crossroads again called on Warren to reject support from the DSCC’s Wall Street war chest. [Read more…]

Professor Warren still refuses to turn down Wall Street campaign cash

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads again called on Professor Elizabeth Warren to refuse backing from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and its Wall Street bounty since she has repetitively denounced “Wall Street cash” in politics. [Read more…]

Professor Warren won’t turn down laundered Wall Street campaign cash

WASHINGTON – For the fifth day, American Crossroads called on Professor Elizabeth Warren to “just say no” to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s (DSCC) Wall Street-fueled financial backing, after the DSCC sent another email today raising cash for Warren’s campaign.  Warren has repeatedly decried “Wall Street money” in politics. [Read more…]