Not-Too-Bright Albright Misfires Again

Looks like it’s time for Hillary Clinton to retire Madeleine “Not-Too-Bright” Albright from the surrogate circuit.

First, Albright said there was a “special place in hell” for women that don’t support Crooked Hillary

Then this morning on CNN (video here) she defended Clinton’s serial violations of State Department email rules by saying, “nobody is going to die as a result of anything that happened on emails.”

This raises the obvious question: does former Secretary of State Albright remember that the rules that Crooked Hillary violated were put in place to safeguard sensitive and classified information that could compromise U.S. security and intelligence assets, thereby putting lives at risk?

Albright also went on to lavish praise on the Iran Nuclear Deal, saying, “And the Iran nuclear deal has made it clear that Iran will not have a nuclear weapon. That is positive.”

“Not-Too-Bright Albright may have inadvertently revealed the truth about Crooked Hillary’s lifelong modus operandi: it’s okay to break any rule or law she wants as long as no one dies.”– American Crossroads Spokesman Ian Prior