Will Debbie Wasserman Schultz return domestic violence-linked cash?


Over the past few weeks, people have gotten to know the name Ibrahim Al -Rashid. The son of a Saudi billionaire and the second biggest backer of Patrick Murphy’s improbable rise has caused problems for Democrats across the country as they have had to give away thousands donated to them due to this domestic violence incident by Al-Rashid.

Thus far Privileged Patrick Murphy, Joe Garcia, Josh Gottenheimer, andSenate Majority PAC have all gotten rid of Al-Rashid’s cash. While Murphy hasn’t agreed to donate to charity the $100K Al-Rashid gave to the 2012 Super PAC run by his dad, he claims to have rid himself of all Al-Rashid cash to his campaign as far back as 2011 (we remain dubious).

So if we take Privileged Patrick at his word that he has returned even pre-incident donations, we have to ask – will Debbie Wasserman Schultz return the max out donation she received from Al-Rashid? After all, Wasserman Schultz has been quick to use the divisive “war on women” rhetoric over the years. Will she show that she is serious about combatting violence against women by donating Al-Rashid’s campaign cash to a charity?

And while we’re at it, will Ted Deutch and Frederica Wilson, who received large donations THIS CYCLE, be ridding themselves of that tainted cash?

“Just yesterday, Debbie Wasserman Schultz condemned violence that she says was perpetrated by Bernie Sanders supporters and inflamed by Sanders himslf. Perhaps Wasserman Schultz should open her campaign checkbook and show that she herself condemns violence – particularly against women – by donating to charity the $4800 she received from a convicted domestic abuser.” – America Crossroads Spokesman Ian Prior