Crooked Hillary Cheats America’s Vets

Did you happen to catch Hillary Clinton’s press conference on veterans’ issues? Oh, that’s right, she hasn’t had one of those since 2015.

Instead, Hillary hides behind her staff that sends out emails highlighting her veterans’ “plan” and offers a sanitized version of her record on veterans’ issues.

But perhaps if Hillary had the courage to actually stand in front of the media and answer tough questions, she could explain the following actions and votes that make up her actual record on veteran’s issues:

Last year, Clinton claimed that the Veterans Administration Scandal had been exaggerated by Republicans. (MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” 10/23/15, Video, 0:52-1:48)

In 2007, Clinton was one of only 14 senators to vote against a 2007 supplemental appropriations bill that contained $1.8 billion for veterans’ medical care. (H.R. 2206, CQ Vote #181, Motion Agreed To 80-14, R: 42-3, D: 37-10, I: 1-1, Clinton Voted Nay, 5/24/07)

-In 2006, Clinton voted against an amendment that would have added $20 million for veterans’ health care facilities. (H.R. 4939, CQ Vote #111, Rejected 39-59, R: 35-19, D: 4-39, I: 0-1, Clinton Voted Nay, 5/4/06)

-In 2003, Clinton voted against a budget resolution that called for “$13 billion for veterans to receive concurrent disability and retirement benefits.” (S. Con. Res. 23, CQ Vote #108, Adopted 56-44, R: 50-1, D: 6-42, I: 0-1, Clinton Voted Nay, 3/26/03)

“We’re so glad Crooked Hillary brought up veterans’ issues, after claiming the VA scandal was overblown and voting against veterans’ benefits time and time again. Maybe she’s trying to deflect attention from Bernie Sanders’ much stronger record on veterans as the California primary looms.” – American Crossroads Spokesman Ian Prior