Introducing “Inspector General-gate”

ICYMI, Bloomberg is reporting that the Clinton gang is trying to distract from news of her mounting legal quagmire by smearing non-partisan government employees at the State Department Inspector General’s office. This comes just a few weeks after the Clinton gang tried to smear the non-partisan Inspector General of the Intelligence Community.

Where have we seen this “smear the career government employee” play before? Oh yeah, Travelgate. You know, the controversy where Hillary wanted to privatize the White House travel office and give her campaign donors the contract? And to prevent blowback from firing seven non-partisan government employees, the Clinton gang brought the full weight of the justice department to prosecute Billy Ray Dale, the head of the travel office, for embezzlement. Dale was acquitted in under two hours, and it was Hillary who, in the subsequent investigation into her role in the firings, was found to have made false statements under oath.

So here we are again – the Clinton gang railroading career, non-partisan government employees for political gain.

“To quote Aerosmith, when it comes to Hillary Clinton throughout the decades ‘it’s the same old story, same old song and dance.’ When she finds herself in trouble, she targets innocent people and railroads them.

“If Hillary has evidence that non-partisan, government employees are engaging in misconduct, we call on her to produce it. Otherwise, she should go back to huddling with her lawyers to prepare for a possible criminal indictment.” – American Crossroads Communications Director, Ian Prior