Is Harry Reid getting sick of Hillary Clinton?

harry bernie

Harry Reid must really be getting sick of Hillary Clinton and her desperate tactics. First, in an ironic response to Bernie Sanders’ attacks on her for being too cozy with Wall Street, Hillary threw the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and all its candidates under the bus for, get this, being too cozy with Wall Street.

Now, Hillary’s campaign team has stopped hiding under their desks in Brooklyn long enough to spin a yarn about how Nevada isn’t any more diverse than Iowa and New Hampshire. Meanwhile, Harry Reid has been making the case that Nevada should have more of a role in picking the Democrats’ presidential nominee BECAUSE it is more diverse than Iowa and New Hampshire.

We can’t imagine Reid is particularly happy about Hillary’s contradictory tactics. We already know Jon Ralston isn’t.

“Harry Reid must be getting sick of Hillary Clinton’s desperate tactics. A week ago she ironically threw Reid’s handpicked Senate candidates under the bus for being too close to Wall Street. Now her campaign is so panicked, it is manufacturing statistics to show that Nevada lacks diversity in a lame attempt to try and lower expectations.” – American Crossroads Spokesman Ian Prior