Hillary’s flawed “neighboring state” spin


It’s not a matter of “if” Hillary Clinton loses New Hampshire, but a matter of “by how much.” Naturally then, the Clintons are doing all they can to spin this loss as expected and completely understandable.

One of the frequent talking points we have heard is that Clinton shouldn’t be expected to win New Hampshire because it is Bernie Sanders’ “backyard.

So we took the liberty of seeing how Hillary did in HER backyards in 2008 – and the results cut the legs out from under her argument.

Using New York as her home state, Chappaqua resident Hillary lost her backyards of Connecticut and Vermont.

Now, if Hillary switches to her southern accent and calls Arkansas home, then she lost the majority of her backyards as well – Missouri,Louisiana, Mississippi.

Even if we use Illinois as Hillary’s “home state” she still would have lost her “backyards” of Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin. That’s in addition to losing her “home state” of Illinois.

“Hillary Clinton may be blaming her pending New Hampshire loss on the fact that it is Bernie Sanders’ backyard, but let’s not forget Hillary’s miserable losses in her own ‘backyard’ states in the 2008 primary. Hillary needs to stop making excuses for why she is losing – it’s not her staff, it’s not geography, it not a conspiracy – it’s that she’s untrustworthy and unlikeable.” – American Crossroads Communications Director, Ian Prior